In My Kitchen: September 2014

It’s September, and autumn is rushing a blush through the trees. Orange and scarlet and lemon yellows, and chilled mornings where you question if a bit of heating might keep shivers away. I used to love this time of the year but not so much nowadays. Winter gloom doesn’t sit well with me, but if I can keep my kitchen interesting, maybe that will help carry me through the greys.

In my kitchen is my new favourite way to eat a soft boiled egg for breakfast: a small sliver of butter set on each half to melt while the egg is still hot.


In my kitchen is an electric knife sharpener, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s brilliant. Every knife in the house is sharp and honed and ready for use. It sharpens both my European and Japanese knives, which is rare for an electric knife sharpener.


In my kitchen are the benefits of homegrown. Lots of tomatoes. A bumper crop of chilli peppers. Vases of flowers from the garden.

In my kitchen is a sugar-free strawberry jam swiss roll. This one turned out very well. I rolled it while it was still hot, let it cool completely, and then unrolled it and spread the jam. Let the jam settle, and then rolled it back up. No cracks.


In my kitchen is an ample supply of Korean kimchi to eat with our noodle soup. We love kimchi!


In my kitchen is a spicy plum cake, sugar-free and reduced fat, and it didn’t budge Peder’s blood-glucose levels an notch, so this is one cake that we can both enjoy without missing sugar.


And finally, in my kitchen I have two new cookery books that I bought with my supermarket vouchers, plus my monthly Waitrose magazine filled with recipes.


And that’s it for this month! If you’d like to join in the In My Kitchen fun, just pop over to Celia’s Fig Jam and Lime Cordial blog for details.


Food Photography, Day 25

Day 25: Today’s lesson centred on composing a photograph for writing copy, namely the elements of composition and the use of negative space.


In every photo there are negative and positive space(s). Positive space is the object/food/subject, and negative space is everything surrounding it. Our assignment was to create a photo with negative space, and then add text so that the focus changes.

I made a Swiss Roll with jam that morning, so I used it as my subject. Here’s the photo that resulted from Day 23-24 notes, and today’s assignment.


Food Photography, Day 23 and 24

Two days of note taking, thinking about processes, planning what to include in a photo and what should be omitted. The placement of objects, subjects, diagrams … It’s like high school grammar. Here’s the result of my thoughts on composing a food shot. I admit this isn’t the most interesting post I’ve presented.


Food Photography, Day 21

Sunday’s are a day of rest for the online Food Photography course. We’re asked what we learned, liked, and/or needed help with through a questionnaire, and then we’re asked to post our favourite photo of the week. I’m enjoying this course hugely.

So, this one is my favourite. I love the colours. The focus is slightly off but the colours are delicious. And so was the salad. Homemade Dijon dressing made it special.


And a happy Bank Holiday Monday to all my British friends.

Food Photography, Day 20

My food styling tools
My food styling tools

Today we put together a kit of tools, tools of the trade for styling food … stuff I didn’t have to buy because I’m not a professional food photographer, I’m just someone who wants my photos to look memorable for the right reasons. Having said that, I’m now on the hunt for a cheap plastic squeezy bottle, a mister for making food look moist, and a large white board. These are items that we apparently need.