Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast 3

A Black Swan at Bibury, Arlington Row, Gloucestershire UK


The contrast of light reflecting off a pond against the silhouette of a black swan.

pad2012122Join the Weekly Photo Challenge and post your photo by the prompt given at the Daily Post blog.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast 3

  1. Are you local to that area? Bibury’s totally my neighborhood – there’s a long walk I do every month or so that starts there. I applaud you for posting a picture of Bibury that ISN’T Arlington Row btw. :)

    1. No, Monica, I’m in Sussex. We love Bibury, and the surrounding area, and it’s one of the places we always take visitors who come to stay with us.

    1. Once upon a long, long time ago, swans were a favourite source of protein for the upper class in Europe. Many countries still consider swans as property of their royal family or government.

  2. Very serene. A lovely example of contrast (especially as our household is so frantic at the moment ;) Thanks for popping in to check up on us.

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