Merry Christmas to You

Thank you all my friends for your friendship this year. I send you all my very best wishes.

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

19 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to You

  1. Merry Christmas Misky, love the photo of Molly sitting there and the rain on the window and the whole gestalt of your Christmas post. May your words flow and your days dance with life and poems xxx Joanna

    1. Thank you, Joanna. Had fun making that collage. I was playing with P’s fancy camera, and hoping that Santa hears my wistful sighs. :) I think it’s time that I upgraded from my little instamatic-ish point-and-shoot camera. Our lights are flickering here, so I’d better shut off my computer before it chokes. :) xx

  2. Love Love LOVE that enamel bell decoration and your dog is incredibly well behaved…Earl would be standing up at the counter “beaking” Steve if there was anything vaguely tasty or remotely likely to be tossed his way on the go. Have a wonderful Christmas full of glog and good cheer (they go together SO well ;) ) and see you rested, relaxed and replenished (my favourite “R’s”) in the New Year :)

    1. I love those bells also. We received them as a Christmas gift from a friend who live in China. It’s cloisonné. And when Molly walks by the tree with her tail wagging like a feather duster … well, all the little cloisonné bells chimes. Merry Christmas to you, too, and a happy New Year. :D

    1. And to you, Liz! There will certainly be lots of cooking over the next few days. Peder is first up with all of his Danish food. Yum. Roast duck tonight.

    1. Thank you, Roger. I have thoroughly enjoyed your photography and wonderful writing style, and I hope to also read many more of your posts. Didn’t you recently decide to close down your blog? I hope that you’ve changed your mind on that. :D

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