In My Kitchen, April 2014

Just back home after a long visit with family and grandchildren, but I’m glad to be back in time for this month’s In My Kitchen feature. To join in and show what’s in your kitchen this month, just pop over to Celia’s In My Kitchen post for details.

Here’s what’s in my kitchen this month.

imkDaffApr14 (427x640)

Daffodils from the garden brought into the kitchen for the table. It’s spring!

imkVouApr14 (640x427)

A £10 voucher from the garden centre! We’re going to buy some autumn bulbs.

imkSaltApr14 (640x427)

The best cooking salt that I’ve ever found. I buy it in Denmark. It’s not flaked or ground. It’s pebbled. Straight out of the salt mines around the islands of Denmark. There’s no bitterness of taste and very little tanginess that some cheap cooking salt gives off.


imkRaspApr14 (640x427)

The last of the frozen raspberries from last summer. Soon we’ll be picking more and eating them fresh off the bushes.

imkMollyApr14 (640x349)

And always, Molly is my constant cooking buddy in the kitchen, hoping that I’ll drop goodies on the floor.

What’s in your kitchen this month?

18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, April 2014

  1. Hi Misky, those daffodils are just gorgeous! And isn’t it great having frozen raspberries on hand!

  2. Misky, so glad to hear you’ve had fun with the grandbabies! Those daffs are completely gorgeous and isn’t it interesting how tricky it can be to find good salt! I finally tracked down a locally made one with a good size “crumble” at a very good price, but before that I was paying a fortune for Maldon (as you know, when we bake bread, we go through buckets of the stuff). Yours looks very nice indeed – was it expensive?

      1. That’s good to hear! I always look for the ones that don’t have anti-caking agents added, which means I end up buying cooking salt rather than table salt. Sigh. I’ll stop now, the salt quest took up a lot of my time last year! :D

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