In My Garden: April

Here’s a little snapshot of things happening this past week in the garden.

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The early daffodils are finished now but the tulips are still putting on a strong display. The weather is with us lately, so I’ve enjoyed a morning coffee on the patio surrounded by the scents of flowers and green leaves. I do wear a big jumper; it’s not summer yet. We are also very happy with the alpine rock garden that we created last summer. It’s filled in nicely, and although we lost a few plants to winter, most are thriving and spreading across the open ground as we’d hoped. One of the cox apple trees is just on the verge of blooming, and when it does I’ll snap a few photos. Always so pretty when fruit trees bloom, I think. We’ll hope the weather holds so the bees pollinate as Mother Nature wants them to do.

What’s happening in your garden right now? I’d love to hear from you!

11 thoughts on “In My Garden: April

  1. Beautiful gardens!

    What’s happening in our garden right now…’s pouring rain (supposed to get more than an inch and a half) and there’s not a bud in sight yet! ha Welcome to New Hampshire. But, once spring really hits, it will become a jungle overnight and flowers will be popping up everywhere!

    1. We had a fair bit of rain, 2-months worth, from Christmas until mid-February. Most of southern England was flooded. An inch and a half of rain at once makes me cringe. Stay dry, and stay warm! :)

    1. My favourite flower. It’s a marguerite daisy, or sometimes called a dill daisy. I love it. We have two on other side of the doorway.

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