Waterlogued in the Cotswolds

Originally posted on Chalk Hills Journal:
Last week I was on holiday in the Cotswolds. Here’s my attempt at the beauty of the area. Arlington Row in Bibury Cotswolds (c) Misky 2015 Cottage in Bibury, Cotswolds (c) Misy 2015 A very rainy day at Hidcote Gardens, Cotswolds. (c) Misky 2015

Autumn Colours

It’s autumn and the colours are alive! The weather is trending toward cool, rain is frequent, the scent of apples fill the air, and leaves crunch underfoot. What’s your favourite part of autumn?

Kuekenhof Gardens, Holland – A Photo Journal

On our way back home from Denmark in April, we stopped off to visit Kuekenhof Gardens in Holland. Kuekenhof is open to the public for 8-weeks every spring. The gardens are an open-air display for Holland’s best bulb producers, who spend most of the year when the park is closed to the public refining their…

Wordsmith’s Photo Prompt: Week 16 May

The Wordsmith Studios Photo Prompt this week is “Drink Up!” and here’s my response to Rebecca’s challenge. To join the photo fun, pop over to Wordsmith’s Studios and introduce yourself.   Iced water with a slice of lemon, lotus candleholders and a silver vase with Bleeding Hearts. .. Content and photos © Misky 2013. Please…

A Look Inside Your Cupboards

Here’s something just for the fun of it! Play along if you wish or just read the comments. My cupboards are filled with basic ingredients, very few packaged convenience food, lots of flour, lots of ground coffee and tea, several bottles of olive oil, dried fruits and massive amounts of nuts and seeds, oatmeal, cornflakes,…

Why Do We Peel Portobello Mushrooms?

Well, it beats me. I don’t know why. Facts are facts though, and every chef on telly peels their Portobello mushrooms. Even Jamie peels his. The contestants on Master Chef do, too. So I decided to try it both ways. One peeled, and the other not. Same ingredients. Both on the same tray, baked at…

Four Photos from Fyn

Fyn is the area of Denmark where my husband comes from. It’s a lovely area, a small island, with rich history and scenery that inspired Hans Christian Andersen to write. Here are four photos that I took recently while we were clearing out my mother-in-law’s house, who recently passed away. If wishes were houses, this…

Words That Cook

GREEN HEAVEN She stirs warm green pashminas of sun-drenched basil, into misty verde days, snowy Parmesan drifts into pasta. Heaven can’t wait! BABY CARROTS Baby carrots dressed in orange sweeter than candy orangier than Halloween. Peeled, cut and steamed, slicked light with honey and gleaming Poetic form: Epulaeryu